the mentally kill project

This project contains an informational podcast, virtual interviews and live streams. The team is currently working with medical professionals to create educational materials that will eventually be distributed to schools pending approval to expand even further.  This website is currently under construction throughout January and we are adding more educational content in the upcoming weeks. 

Live Advice

On Tuesdays, We Talk It Out!

Live on Facebook and Youtube at 7pm est every week, our livestream provides a safe space to share stories, give advice from personal experience, and provide information from mental health resources to shed light on different mental health topics. Talk it out Tuesdays are open for anyone to participate, and suggestions are always welcome. Check our calendar for the months topics, and if you are interested in joining, please send us a message for the link to join. Click the link below to watch our previous episodes!

Informational Podcast

The informational podcast sheds light on mental health conditions, disorders, and phobias throughout three seasons. The name "Mentally Kill" caused it to be removed from streaming platforms, but we are working on resolving the issue and the MKP Podcast will be available soon! Follow our facebook and youtube pages for updates!

Season one: Conditions

Season one contains information on the 12 main mental health conditions. ADHD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorders, and Psychosis.

Season Two: Disorders

Season two contains information on mental disorders. As there are over 300 listed in the DSM-5 this season will be added to continuously after the podcast is released. 

Season Three: Phobias

Season three contains information on phobias. To date, more than 400 phobias exist, so this season will be added to continuously after the podcast is released.



In May of 2022, Christy began conducting interviews with people from all over the world to give an in-depth look into the lives of those who are diagnosed with mental health conditions. Guests share stories of their personal experience with symptoms, developing coping mechanisms, successes and failures during the conversations and offer words of encouragement at the end of each one. Who better to teach us about mental health conditions than those who have them? Mental health professionals, advocates, and coaches are also interviewed to shed even more light on conditions, symptoms, treatment, and recovery. Our goal is to show the world that mental health conditions do not stop anyone from living a fulfilled and successful life, prove that healing is not linear, and remind those who are struggling support is out there and they are not alone. 

 Click the link below to see the full playlist. New interviews are added each week!


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