What is the Mentally Kill Project?

The Mentally Kill Project combines video and audio educational materials, weekly live streams, and virtual interviews with mental health patients and advocates as well as medical professionals to give an in depth look at the not so average mind. Our social media pages are meant to be a safe space for those who may be embarrassed or ashamed to get help, and those who want to better understand themselves or a loved one who has a condition. This project was created to promote what most who suffer from symptoms long for: understanding and acceptance.

The Mind That Matters- YOURS

From Patient to Project:

In April of 2022, a failed suicide attempt by MKP founder Christy put her in a mental health facility, where she was introduced to people with a variety of mental health conditions. Through conversations with fellow patients, she was given an in-depth look at what their lives were like and the struggles they faced living with symptoms. Brought up in a home that didn't discuss mental health, she was astonished to learn about how many conditions and disorders existed and vowed that she would find a way to educate as many people as she could. Upon her release, Christy spent hours searching the internet for more information about her own conditions, and mapped out a plan for the Mentally Kill Project. Remembering just how much the interviews with fellow patients taught her, she began conducting interviews with people from all over the world she found online. The interviews began piling up and a schedule was created to release them so each interview would get the attention it deserved. Word began to spread about the project, and mental health professionals started contacting Christy to see how they could help. Support poured in from others who wanted to offer education, understanding, and support. Through the Mentally Kill Project, Christy created a safe place for people from all walks of life to find information and guidance- free of charge. To find out more about MKP's Founder, you can find her bio in the Find out More section!