Meet the Team

Christyann Kanooble


When a failed suicide attempt sent me to a mental institution for treatment, the patients I met shared stories of their struggles with conditions and symptoms of their mental health conditions. Growing up in a home that didn't discus mental health, I realized how little I knew about it.I came to the conclusion that the best way to educate the world is to hear from those with a diagnosis. Since my release in April, i've come to learn that conducting these interviews was not only therapeutic, but inspirational. It gave me the courage to complete my trauma narrative and go public with my violent crime survival story after 13 years of silence. My goal is to make MKP a one stop shop for all things mental health.

Eileen Chan

I'm a mother, an aspiring esthetician, and founder of Morpho Glow. A company that promotes self confidence and love through skincare, holistic modalities and spiritual teachings. I am here to spread the awareness about spirituality and how it helped me heal trauma and overcome my depression and anxiety. I want to empower people and help them recognize their inner and outer beauty. So grateful to be a part of this team. My goal here is restore faith in others so they can have a fulfilled life, and encourage healing through a shift in perspective.

Sean Young

I am the host of Sitting with Sean Podcast, where I talk to people about their journey in recovery from mental health disorders and addiction. I am a US Army Veteran of over 12 years in long term recovery, as well as a Certified Peer Support Specialist in the State of Alaska. I work with Justice involved Veterans to take the journey to recovery with them.